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Anthony Ervin: Recovery, Elbow position, Hand entry

A picture is worth a thousand words! Check out our buddy Anthony Ervin's freestyle recovery. When he is a swimming, it's like his elbow-to-hand go limp and he focuses all his power on the arm that is actually pulling water. With a high, relaxed elbow position, he is able to ninja slice his hand entry into the next stroke.

Once the fastest man on the planet, Tony is swimming again to regain his title. And he is sponsored by Imagine Swimming! Go Tony!

Volume vs. Velocity

"The interesting thing to me regarding this argument is this: neither volume nor velocity has anything to do with winning a competition! No one wins by swimming the furthest, and no one wins by swimming the fastest. An athlete wins by slowing down the least over the given volume of the race! Because of this fact, I believe that proper training must incorporate rhythm and stroke development. I’m talking about training the stroke to handle the stress of the race, so that the athlete can maintain their VELOCITY through the entire VOLUME of the race."

Paul Yetter

Ryan Lochte Backstroke

Who will go down as the best American backstroker - Ryan Lochte or Aaron Piersol? Answer: WHO CARES THEY'RE BOTH AWESOME.

This is a great video of Ryan's backstroke technique. As we discuss in workouts, please look at:

1. Accelerating through the end of the stroke. Catching the fast water deep underneath the shoulder, a 90 degree angle on the pull, followed by an arm wrestling finishing move. The elbow is close to the hips which fully utilizes the body's torque and get that acceleration.

2. The snap and movement of the kick. Notice the full ankle flexion and flow with the stroke.

3. Relaxed and laid back head position. Remember - neck muscles are connected to arm muscles so if your neck is relaxed your arms and go churn and burn.

Saluting the Aqua Man

       "When I hit the water, I feel like I'm home. Everything else is not as simple" Mark Healey

Today we salute Australian Aqua Man Mark Healey. Here is a guy who is a pro surfer, ocean activist, free diver and shark enthusiast... a life surrounded by water. Our goal at Imagine Swimming is for the athletes to be total aqua-beings - above the water, below, forward, backward, surfing, water polo, snorkeling, diving, floating, racing, in the ocean, in a river, in a pool - total aqua-beings.

Snorkel + Monofin = Superhuman Water Speed

It's called "Finswimming". Strap on a snorkel and monofin... then race! A long course 50m race is 15 seconds! What do YOU think - should FINSWIMMING be an Olympic event?