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The Back To Breast Turn!

100 Fly Breathing Patterns

Below is a link in which USA Swimming High Performance consultants analyzed the butterfly breathing patterns in the 2012 Olympic Games. Interesting stuff!

Here is a summary:

  • Men are breathing more frequently than women
  • Men’s 100 fly: Half of the Olympic final are breathing every stroke. The other half hold some degree of 1-up 1-down or 2-up 1-down pattern.
  • Women’s 100 fly: 1-up 1-down for the most part.
  • Men’s 200 fly: Breathing every stroke for the most part.
  • Women’s 200 fly: Every Olympic finalist breathed 1-up 1-down or some degree of 2-up 1-down for the entire race.
  • Most people breathe on the 3rd stroke off the start in the 100 fly.
  • Breathing into and out of turns is becoming more common, maybe because of the use of extended underwater dolphin kicks.
  • Most swimmers don’t breathe into the finish.

100 Free Breathing Patterns

Below is a great analysis provided by USA Swimming on the fastest men and women's 100m free swims over the past couple years. The pattern shows us women typically breathe every four strokes while the men, once matured and power is fully developed, breathe every stroke cycle. Gold medalists Kromowidjojo and Adrian, did not breathe the last 6-7 strokes. Adrian won his gold by 0.01 with his last seven strokes no breath while his Aussie counterpart who took silver took a breath four strokes from the wall... hmm... Lots of interesting stuff here - please read!

Anthony Ervin 2012 World Cup Tour Schedule

Hi everyone!

Anthony will be swimming in the 2012 World Cup! Events take place in Dubai, Doha, Stockholm, Moscow, Berlin, Beijing, Tokyo, and Singapore starting in October and he will competing in every location.

Look for an announcement about how you can get involved and please follow and support our fellow Mako on his adventure!

Check out Anthony's website for more information:

Manhattan Mako Anthony Ervin Qualifies for 2012 Olympics!

Long-time Imagine Swimming and Manhattan Makos family member Anthony Ervin has qualified for the 2012 London Olympic Games in the 50m freestyle. At US Olympic Trials in Omaha, Tony finished second place with a time of 21.60 which is the 3rd fastest time in the world. While in New York City, Tony coached the Makos, passing on his swimming knowledge and experiences to the swimmers and coaches. Great job Tony and we're looking forward to London!