Makos Coaches


Casey Barrett

Along with Lars Merseburg, Casey is the co-founder of both Imagine Swimming and the Manhattan Makos. In his competitive career, he was a member of the 1996 Canadian Olympic team, an eight-time NCAA All-American, and a two-time Junior National Champion. From age 9 to 17, Casey swam for the North Baltimore Aquatic Club – the club made famous as Michael Phelps’ home team. Indeed, some of the first records ever broken by ‘little Michael’ were Casey’s NBAC team butterfly records! For over ten years, he kept meticulous logbooks of every one of his practices – eventually compiling the workouts from a wide variety of Olympic coaches, most notably Murray Stevens at NBAC and Gregg Troy at the Bolles School in Jacksonville, FL. These practices are a rare resource of world-class training that is already being passed along to the Makos…

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